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Ashes with Ash

Welcome to the Ashes with Ash Podcast and Community!

Bringing you audio stories from your tobacconist community around the world. Lets tap into these untold stories with a little smoke, and Ash! 


Farm to Fire: Nicotiana Tabacum

I’m Ash, a certified tobacconist and cigar connoisseur; and I’m here to share knowledge on The Art Of Tobacco from the planting of the seed all the way to the experience of smoking. Join me for a smoke while learning the full cigar sommelier teachings and tips.

Today we are talking about Nicotiana Tabacum (nuh-kow-shee-ann-uh taba-come)

Nicotiana tabacum, or cultivated tobacco, is an annually grown plant of the Nicotiana genus..

Listen to the podcast to learn more!

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