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Ashes with Ash

Welcome to the Ashes with Ash Podcast and Community!

Bringing you audio stories from your tobacconist community around the world. Lets tap into these untold stories with a little smoke, and Ash! 


Cigar Growing Regions

The most exciting aspect of contemporary cigar growing regions os that many places are just beginning to realize their potential. In the last half century, and more so in the last decade, there have been extraordinary developments and improvements in the premium cigar cultivation. Each region we will go over today has specific advantages, potential and challenges associated with it. A deeper analysis will reveal the uniqueness of each cigar growing region.

The precious tobacco plant depends on select regions of the world where the soil, climate, topography, people, skill and tradition converge. The best cigar tobacco is grown between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, along the equator. Of course cigars are grown from Canada to New Zealand, but the best are grown in these tropics. Great cigars are grown in valleys where they benefit from nutrient erosion, condensation irrigation and sunlight manipulation.

Listen to the podcast to learn more!!

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